Two largest continents. Two largest populations. Two largest opportunities.

These statements guide our efforts to bring you interesting, under-reported tales from Asia and Africa. Journey from Point A to Point A in our eponymous feature series that highlights the exciting cross pollination between the two regions. Asia by Africa explores the surprising ways the world's two most dynamic regions are interacting.

With so many stories, it is a shame that most outlets only serve up Asia and Africa's half dozen trending issues. We go deeper, no 400 word sound bites here, only in-depth pieces on curious tales from the political, economic and cultural realms.

Asia by Africa is edited by Jeremy Luedi. His writing has been featured in Business Insider, FACTA Magazine, Courrier International, Huffington Post, The Japan Times, The Diplomat, and Yahoo Finance. He has also been referenced by TIME, OZY, The Guardian, and The Washington Times, among others.

For portfolio, rates and contact information see: www.jeremyluedi.com