Two largest continents. Two largest populations. Two largest opportunities.

Submission Guide


  • Either American or British spelling is accepted, so long as this remains consistent throughout the article.
  • Do not use contractions.
  • Fully spell out acronyms when they are used for the first time, followed by the acronym in brackets.
  • Do not double space after periods.
  • An engaging, unique voice is encouraged and expected. Do not submit pieces which read like a generic press statement.
  • When citing non-digital media, please use the latest edition of the Chicago Manual Style.


  • Please submit articles that are no fewer than 1,800 words in length. Asia by Africa seeks to provide a platform for in-depth analysis. Preferred length is between 2,000 - 2,500 words. Longer pieces will also be considered.
  • Please include hyperlinked in-text citations, especially for quotes, figures and other important data. General / common knowledge need not be cited.
  • Foreign language citations are accepted and encouraged; however, the author remains responsible for any translation errors that may occur.
  • Include several relevant subheadings in order to ensure proper flow.


  • We focus on how Asia* and Africa are interacting. To that end, we focus on stories which highlight the actions of Asian countries, firms, trends in Africa and vice versa.
    • *Please note that for this publication's purposes 'Asia' excludes Russia, Australia, and New Zealand. Stories on Pacific island nations will be considered provided they meet the publication's overall needs.
  • A wide range of article topics are welcome including, but not limited to: domestic politics, geopolitics, economics, business and cultural pieces.
  • Please only submit pitches about under-reported countries, stories or both. We are not interested in publishing outlines and basic commentary on the main news items of the week. That being said, we welcome unique angles or insights on trending news items. Of particular interest are approaches which challenge / uncover nuances in dominant news narratives.
  • Please provide attribution for any graphs, charts or other data products included in the submission.
  • Please only include copyright free images.